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G16 for sale

Postby BsRacing » Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:52 pm

For Sale

The G16 commercial Nats Blue King Track

I would prefer to sell as one set. But if a track only purchase happens first. I will sell other pieces separately.

The track. $7500.00 by itself. It is a 155 foot blue king Nats track. I believe Gary built this in 2013. The track has held world records and a national wing race. All main power cabling is 4 Awg from the 4 main power sleds. The Track has a power distribution board with number 2,8 and 10 wire. Ten positive and negative taps. The track is configured with a relay switchable orange lane for qualifying. The lap counter is in the main chute so that restarts in glue will not affect the deadman. There is a small air compressor for pressurized spay glue can.

The power. $2000.00. 9 Aztec power supplies. 8 at 14.3 300 amp. 1 at 16.0 100 amp. 4 power sleds are configured with batteries , 45 farad Caps and a 4 battery maintainer.
Two Aztecs a battery and a Cap are on each sled. The sleds are on casters. The Caps alone are worth $1200.00.

Electronics. 2 lap master controllers both work. 2 year old nice desktop computer, cash register and HP laser printer. There are 30 or so new simulated black leather chairs . I have a 42, 32 and a couple 25 inch Tvs. Lots of 6 gallon trash cans. Lots of power strips. All you need is pits.

The track has a full infield.

The Total is 10 k firm.

B.S. Raceway :ugeek:

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