Rules changes for 2020

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Rules changes for 2020

Postby aquavelvis » Wed Nov 06, 2019 2:05 pm

Just to get discussion started, let me know what, if anything, you'd like to see different in 2020. You can do that here and/or discuss after the races on November 16 at PA's shop.

Here are some examples (but I don't want to limit discussion to just these points):

- My sense is we drop the Novice class...not from lack of interest from the people who raced as Novices this year, but just that there weren't many of them. Agree?

- If we drop the Novice class, we go back to two races. Or, if you just can't get enough, maybe we replace it with a "spec" class of some sort. Jim has talked about doing one here in SA where the cars are simple to build from inexpensive and easily available parts, with very few choices about what's legal or not, maybe a spec body. etc. The thought is to maximize the simplicity of car building and parts selection.

- The LMP class has been what it is for seven or eight years now, with only a recent spurt of new body designs adding much "new-ness." Maybe we don't mess with something that's working, and I'm OK with it continuing pretty much as-is, but would like to hear from you if you feel it needs some changes...big or small or at all.

- I like the Pro GTP class that we started this year and don't see any need to rush to changes. Maybe just tweak/clarify the rules here and there. Suggestions?

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