2019 General and LMP rules

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2019 General and LMP rules

Postby CARSHouston » Fri Feb 15, 2019 7:05 pm

Below are posted the General rules and LMP rules for the 2019 season. I'm sure there are errors or questions, please post so I can start making corrections.

South Texas Scale Series Online.

South Texas Scale Series information is available online at:
• Slot Cars.Net at http://slotcars.net/forum/
• Slot Car Racing Connection at http://texasslotcarracing.proboards.com/
Go to the South Texas Scales Series section of either forum for rules, information and updates.

Race-day and Technical Rules and Specifications.

Following are rules and specifications for the 2019 South Texas Scale Series.
• The series schedule and raceway information are in Appendix A.

These rules and specifications are in most respects identical to those of 2017. Differences are noted as follows:
• Clarification indicates a rule that is essentially unchanged but which has been clarified due to questions.
• Change indicates a current-year revision to a rule, spec, or procedure.
• New indicates a rule, spec, or procedure being introduced for the first time.

Publication Date: February 15, 2019

These rules are posted at online forum. Any change, addition, or deletion made after this publication date will be noted and dated here, with detail as necessary embedded in the appropriate section(s) below. Revised, updated rules will be posted (with revised PDF attached) as quickly as possible.

Race Day.

Each race-day’s schedule will be cleared ahead of time with the Track Owner, and a flyer announcing the schedule will be posted on the above mentioned forums. Still, if you have any question or wish to confirm the day’s schedule, contact the Track Owner for accurate information.

The day’s schedule will be completed as efficiently as possible to benefit out of town racers who may wish to return home and not incur additional hotel expenses.
• Raceway opens by 9 AM.
• NGTP tech opens at 10: 00AM.
• NGTP tech closes at 10:30AM.
• NGTP qualifying starts following concourse
• NGTP race to start to start by 11:00 AM.
• Clarification NGTP concours will be awarded immediately after tech closes
• Lunch break will be immediately following the NGTP race. Track Owner may direct that there be no lunch break due to business considerations (e.g., scheduled birthday party). The flyer will indicate if this is the case.
• LMP qualifying will start at 12:15 PM.
• LMP Main seeds and lane selections will be made immediately after qualifying.
• LMP race(s) starts as soon as the Race Director has it set up after lane selection.
• PGTP tech opens 20 minutes after the end of the LMP race.
• PGTP tech closes after 30 minutes.
• Clarification PGTP concours will be awarded immediately after tech closes
• PGTP qualifying will start immediately after tech closes.
• PGTP Main seeds and lane selections will be made immediately after qualifying.
• PGTP race(s) starts as soon as the Race Director has it set up after lane selection.

Heat and lane change durations
Heats will be three minutes in length, with three-minute lane change segments between heats. (UPDATE: Lane change duration changed June 10...see below)

Spray glue
Spray glue (only) will be applied by the Track Owner/Race Director; ideally, this will occur prior to the track opening for practice on race day, but the timing us ultimately up to the Track Owner/Race Director. No glue or traction additive of any kind may be applied to the track surface by anyone other than the Track Owner/Race Director.

Traction additives and tire conditioners
Traction and tire conditioners may be used, but only if applied directly to the rear tires by hand or from a glue board; they may not be applied to the track surface.

Track calls
Track calls may be called by the Race Director, racers, and/or turn marshals as they believe necessary, but the Race Director makes the final decision at his/her discretion.

As before, and conforming to what seems to be standard practice at most tracks:
• track calls may be extended briefly at the Race Director’s discretion so that a marshal(s) can straighten a car’s body or braid prior to the resumption of racing;
• track calls may not be extended to effect repairs (e.g., replacement of broken, missing, or loose parts).

Lane cards
Lane cards must be used during lane change segments. The only exception is if the racer is working on his/her car at the track, and at the point it stopped at the end of the preceding heat. It is not intended that there will be any penalty assessed for such an infraction, but if repeated infractions warrant, penalties will be announced prior to assessment

Tech Inspection.

Inspection will be conducted as it traditionally has been to ensure that each car presented conforms to these rules and specifications.

Once a car has cleared tech, it will be impounded until qualifying and again after qualifying. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Race Director, but any car removed from impound must again go through tech.

Failure at tech inspection
The racer of a car found illegal at tech inspection will be advised of the issue and will have until the end of the tech period to correct the issue. As before, if the issue is corrected in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the Tech Inspector, the car may be entered and raced as normal.
• If the issue is corrected but not in time for qualifying, the car will be seeded last in the field.
• If the issue cannot be corrected prior to the start of the race, the car may be raced if both the Tech Inspector and Race Director agree that the illegal issue presents no clear advantage, and under the following conditions:
o While its racer will be eligible for race awards (box plates/plaques), no points will be earned by a car raced in this condition; all racers finishing the race below such a car will be awarded an additional point(s) towards series-end points standings.
o If the racer elects not to race the car, his/her entry fee will be refunded.
Exceptions: If left uncorrected, a car that failed tech due to any of the following conditions may not be raced (the racer’s entry fee will be refunded):
o insufficient track clearance
o non-allowable motor (other than non-rebuildable motors similar to those that are legal, such as the Trinity Evil 9 and Fast Ones Demon)
o any non-allowable chassis

o use of floating pin-tube body mountings
o non-approved body with apparent aero advantage.

.Qualifying, Mains, and Lane Selections.

Qualifying will be one minute per racer, with a 30-second break before the next qualifier. After qualifying, each car will be returned to impound.

If entries for a given category total (New)12 or fewer, a single round-robin Main with sit-outs will be run. (Exception: At the Race Director’s discretion, A and B Mains can be run.)

If there are more than 12 entries, separate mains will be based on an A-B split; odd-number qualifiers (TQ, 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc.) will go to the A Main; even-numbered qualifiers (2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, etc.) will go to the B main.

For an entry total of 13-20 racers, A and B Mains will be run with numbers of racers split as evenly as possible between them, as in these examples:
• 13 racers: A Main of 6 racers, B Main of 7 racers;
• 14 racers: A and B Mains of 7 racers each; etc. through
• 20 racers: A and B Mains of 10 racers each.

In a hoped-for but unlikely scenario where there are more than 20 entries, the Race Director will have the discretion to determine whether A and B Mains will be expanded beyond 10 racers each, or whether a C Main will be created using the examples above. For example, at his/her discretion the Race Director may split Mains as follows:
• A Main of 10 racers, B Main of 11 racers; or
• A, B, and C Mains of 7 racers each; or
• other algorithm he/she deems most efficient.

Lane Selections
Lane selections in each main will be made after qualifying in the same order as seedings.

A racer need not make a qualifying attempt in order to race. A racer who does not make a qualifying attempt for any reason (e.g., late arrival, making repairs) will be seeded in the Main(s) after all racers who have made qualifying attempts have been seeded; if there is more than one such case, they will be seeded in the order their cars were presented for tech.

A car not entered may not be raced. That is, no allowance will be made in this regard for a racer whose entered car has been damaged too badly to continue and who wishes to run another car “for track time.”

.Final Race Standings.

If more than one round-robin race is conducted, lap totals from both (or all) Mains will be combined to determine the overall finishing order for the category.

.Race Awards.

For each race, box plates/plaques will be awarded to first-, second-, and third-place finishers in each category.

For each race, a ribbon or box plaque for a concours winner will be awarded in each category. New Concours will be judged by the Track Owner or his/her designee; if the Track Owner is racing, his/her car is not eligible for the award.

Points will be awarded for each race as follows:
• 1st place: 30 points
• 2nd place: 27 points
• 3rd place: 25 points
• 4th place: 24 points
• 5th place: 23 points
• 6th place: 22 points, etc. with each lower position receiving 1 less point.
• As noted above, no points will be awarded to a racer whose car failed tech inspection but was allowed to race. All racers finishing the race below such a car will be awarded an additional point towards series-end points standings.

Series-end points awards in each category will be made based upon total points earned, less one drop (total of best five races)

The following tie-breakers will be used:
• number of wins in the category; if still tied,
• number of second places in the category (including drops); if still tied,
• total laps for the season (including dropped races)

.Entry Fee.

Entry fee will be $13 per category per race day.
• Split is $10 to the raceway, $3 to the trophy fund.
• Payment of entry fee includes practice time prior to the races on race day only; unless approved by the Track Owner, such practice time is allowable only for points series cars, not for any other class of car. Contact the raceway for information about cost for track time prior to race day.

General Specifications.

2019 Points Series
New to 2019, 3 classes will be raced:

Clearance and widths
The following are required:
1. .063-inch minimum clearance is required under the center section, rear of the side pans, and spur gear. Subsequent to tech inspection, Track Owner/Race Director has discretion to require that any car be repaired (e.g., due to crash damage, worn tires) to correct clearance issue that could cause damage to the track surface and/or braid.
2. 3.25-inch maximum rear axle track width
3. 3.25-inch maximum chassis width, including widest part of the body

Spur gears
Metal spur gears are not allowed.

Spec rear tires
Revision May 30: For all classes, three brands of natural rubber tires can be used:
• P.A. Watson’s Jet small-hub spec tires. These are the same spec tires and rims produced for the 2017 series. The bottle they are supplied in has a red strip on the lid.
• Alpha Small Hub Piranhas. These are natural rubber tires mounted on small diameter regular width hubs. Note that only the Alpha “Regular” hub is permitted; the Alpha “Full” hub is not allowed.
• Koford M229-760SB is allowed at any raceway (Koford tires added April 2...see below)
• Wonder rubber tires are permitted at Capitol City Raceway ONLY in addition to the Jet, Alpha, and Koford natural rubber tires (Wonder rubber tires added April 22...see below)

LMP Class Rules

LMP Motor Rules.
1. Allowed motors are Hawk 7 and ProSlot 4002FK, Motors must remain sealed.
2. Allowed modifications to the ProSlot 4002FK are
3. Springs and brushes may be changed. Springs must be of three coil type from a USRA approved manufacturer.
4. May solder can bushing and glue end bell busing if you wish.
5. Axle-facing side of the can may be notched to allow for axle clearance. Notch may be ground only in the can and may not continue into the magnet.
6. Armature shaft may be shortened to add clearance between pinion gear and left rear tire.
7. Otherwise, the motor may not be modified in any way; e.g., the manufacturer’s endbell retention tabs must remain intact, and the can’s original measurements must be maintained. New / Clarification It has been observed that some racers have made a small notch with a Dremel cutting tool to indicate each race that has been run by a given motor. While this is a technical violation of the no motor modifications rule, it will not be grounds for disallowing the motor; however, excessive grinding will be viewed as an attempt to relieve weight and will not be allowed. Obviously, this is purely subjective and the judgment of the Tech Inspector will be final; therefore, it is strongly suggested that such motors be presented well in advance of the opening of tech to avoid last-minute motor changes.

LMP Chassis Rules.

Allowable chassis
Any commercially available flexi chassis may be used, if you can buy it from your local shop its legal, HOWEVER, if a new chassis becomes available after Feb1st, please post on one of the forums to make sure it will be legal.

Parts substitutions
The following substitutions are allowable:
• A chassis’ original pan(s) may be replaced with alternate replacement pan(s) from the same manufacturer.
• If equipped a bite bar, it may be replaced with racer-made part of alternate material and size.
• JK bite bars for the C43 chassis may be used on any chassis they will fit on.

Pans and center sections
• Single pan on a two-piece chassis may not be cut/split to emulate a three-piece-chassis.
• If pan(s) is connected to the center section by a bite bar (e.g., JK), bite bar may be soldered to the pan(s) and/or center section.
• For JK chassis, bite bar location may not be changed; it must pass through the original uprights of the pans and center section.
• If a single pan (two-piece chassis) is connected to the center section by an upright tab (e.g., Champion), racer is free to add washer(s) for tuning and to complete the connection as desired (e.g., using cotter pin or piano wire, or soldering pan to the upright).
• Pin tubes may be added for body mounting
• Pin tubes, if added, must be fixed solidly to the pan (no floppy mounts).
• On JK chassis, a notch may be cut into either or both of the outboard upright tabs of the pans to facilitate insertion of the bite bar without stressing the pan or center section. The notch may only be large enough to pass the bite bar; excessive grinding will be viewed as an attempt to relieve weight and will not be allowed. As with motor notching (above), this is purely subjective and the judgment of the Tech Inspector will be final.

Additions, bracing, chassis strength
• Bracing for rear axle uprights may be added to prevent bending from side impact; design of this bracing is at the racer’s/builder’s discretion.
• Bracing may be added along sides of the center section in the motor box area to prevent bending of the chassis from rear impact; forward reach of this bracing may not extend beyond front-most edge of the motor.

Front axle(s) and wheels
• Front wheels are optional, if run, follow the rules below. If front wheels are not used you must use decals as listed under the body rules.
• Wheels must be solid and mounted on an axle, with foam or O-ring tires; minimum ½ -inch diameter.
• Wheels must rotate, either around or with the axle.
• Upright holes may be enlarged to set axle height. It is not required that the axle be soldered to the upright; the axle may float/turn within the holes. There is no requirement as to the shape of the enlarged hole (e.g., may be round from drill bit, oblong from Dremel grinder, etc.).
• Separate axles (that is, one per side) are allowable; axles may be soldered directly to uprights or held with keepers and allowed to float within the uprights’ holes.
• Any solid front axle(s) is allowed, with minimum diameter of .047-inch; no hollow axles.
• Front wheels must be mounted so as to contact the track surface either in the car’s static position or as the car is rocked side to side before grounding the chassis.

Rear axle and bushings
• Only 3/32-inch and 1/8-inch solid axles are allowed.
• No hollow axles.
• Oilites or bronze bushings are to be used in LMP
• Bushings may be soldered or glued in.

• Tape and/or weight may be added for chassis tuning.
• Other than addition of materials as noted above (for bracing and chassis strength, and tape or weight for chassis tuning), no other materials may be added to the chassis.
• If chassis is equipped with an upright motor mount (e.g., Champion, JK-21) for mounting by screws, the mount may be removed to facilitate soldering the can to the chassis. It is also permissible to solder the can to the upright mount.
• Chassis may not be otherwise cut or ground.

.LMP Body Specifications.

Approved Bodies
Any commercially available LMP body may be used. UPDATE June 14: This now includes the Ralph Thorne Orca LMP body.
If you are unsure what an LMP body is ask your local shop or post on one of the forums.

• If front wheels are not used sticker front tires must be affixed.
• Body must be opaque on all sides and have clear front wheel wells. However, the requirement for clear front wheel wells is waived for bodies with sticker fronts.
• Closed/coupe bodies must have clear windows. “Tinting” is allowable as long as the windows are clear.
• Body must have at least three numbers. Numbers can be painted or stickers; no Sharpies!
• Open-cockpit body must have a full, three-dimensional driver of at least two colors.
• Closed/coupe body may use either three dimensional driver or flat “wing car” driver; regardless of type, driver must be of at least two colors.
• No air control may be added. Lexan strips may be affixed to the body to strengthen stress points, support the rear wing, or repair crash damage provided the strip(s) does not affect air control.
• Minimum 1/16-inch front bumper is expected, but note that this is a best-case “target;” bumper may be cut narrower than 1/16 to effect last-minute or during-the-race clearance issues. However, in such cases at least some of the original vertical surface must be clearly visible and the remaining vertical surface must extend across the entire original width of the bumper.
• There is no maximum body height. However, no materials may be added (e.g. Lexan strip) to raise body height beyond what was molded by the manufacturer.
• Where the same body offered by a manufacturer is available in multiple thicknesses, selection of the body thickness is at the racer’s/builder’s discretion.
• Body must cover entire chassis, including guide flag, when viewed from above.

.Appendix A: Raceway Information and Racing Schedule, 2016.

.Raceway Information.

Capitol City Slot Car Raceway
• Track Owner: Tom Shaffer
• Location: 824 Grand Ave Pkwy, Pflugerville, TX 78660
• Phone:

Magnatech Raceway
• Track Owner: Jim Honeycutt
• Location: Wonderland Mall, 4522 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, TX 78201
• Phone: 210.308.6909
• All races will be run on the 180-foot Engleman:
- Approximate race voltage: 13.2 volts
- Approximate braid recess: .010

Slot Car Raceway, LLC, Houston
• Track Owner: P.A. Watson
• Location: 1000 West Oaks Mall, # 512, Houston, TX 77082
• Phone: 281.496.0073
• 120-foot Hasse Hillclimb
- Approximate race voltage: 12.1 volts
- Approximate braid recess: NA (flush with track surface)

For questions about racetracks, voltages, and braid recess, please contact the tracks directly.

.2019 Schedule.

As of April 23, the schedule is deleted in this post so that if changes are necessary, it can be managed in the "Racing Schedule" thread (viewforum.php?f=18) instead of multiple places. Thanks

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Re: 2019 General and LMP rules

Postby CARSHouston » Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:00 pm

Scott asked me to add another brand of tire to the rules, they are for LMP and Pro GTP only.
Koford M229-760SB

(Added in blue in the original post at top of the thread)

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Re: 2019 General and LMP rules

Postby aquavelvis » Mon Apr 22, 2019 4:27 pm

LMP rules update, April 22:

- Wonder rubber tires are now permitted at Capitol City Raceway only, in addition to the Jet, Alpha , and Koford natural rubber tires

(Added in blue in the original post at top of the thread)
Scott Taylor

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Re: 2019 General and LMP rules

Postby aquavelvis » Tue Apr 23, 2019 3:27 pm

If you're looking for the schedule in the rules above, please note: As of April 23, the schedule is deleted above so that if changes are necessary, it can be managed in the "Racing Schedule" thread (viewforum.php?f=18) instead of multiple places. Thanks
Scott Taylor

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Re: 2019 General and LMP rules

Postby aquavelvis » Tue Apr 30, 2019 4:54 pm

Some changes and clarifications announced earlier have now been added in blue in the original post at top of the thread.
Scott Taylor

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Re: 2019 General and LMP rules

Postby aquavelvis » Thu May 30, 2019 4:11 pm

Tires listed in the original rules as well as those listed in the April 2 and April 20 rules updates are now legal for all three classes.

The original rules required Jet Fish spec tires for the Novice class, but they may not be available at all shops given that PA has been in the process of moving and I don't know whether the fish tires will be available in Pflugerville for the races June 8. So, all tires listed above and the changes noted for LMP and Pro GTP are also now applicable to the Novice class.

This change is noted in blue in the OP.
Scott Taylor

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Re: 2019 General and LMP rules

Postby aquavelvis » Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:50 pm

Lane change duration has been revised from two minutes to three minutes.

The two-minute duration wasn't much of an issue in the first two races in Houston and San Antonio. But a good turnout of racers in Pflugerville last weekend let to crowding in some areas, and racers were very hard-pressed to get everything done if they had to wait for room to get to and then work on their cars.

So, this update is noted in blue in the original post above.
Scott Taylor

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Re: 2019 General and LMP rules

Postby aquavelvis » Fri Jun 14, 2019 1:32 pm

The Ralph Thorne Orca is now a legal body in LMP.

This update is noted in blue in the original post.
Scott Taylor

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