Include a picture in your post

A few rules to follow and some instructions
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Include a picture in your post

Postby Caveman » Mon Apr 25, 2016 5:31 pm

To include a picture in your post follow these instructions:
1. Start a new topic
2. In the screen where you enter text, scroll down until you see a tab called "Attachments". Click it
3. Then you'll see a button called "Add files". Click it.
4. Go to the file of the picture that you want to post. Click it twice (or click once, then click "Open")
5. The file will then appear under "Add files".
6. To show the picture embedded with the text of your post (instead of just being an attachment), click "place inline"
7. You'll then see the filename within your text block...something like -"[attachment=0]name of file[/attachment]"
8. Then add text above an/or or below the filename
9. Click "preview" to make sure text and photo appear as you want them to. Edit and re-click "preview" as necessary
10. When as you want it, click "submit"

Thanks Aquavelvis for the instructions!

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