Narrow chassis,narrow bodies,narrower bodies,narrower tires

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Narrow chassis,narrow bodies,narrower bodies,narrower tires

Postby pawatson » Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:12 pm

Things are always changing aren't they? Does narrow mean faster? It kinda makes since if you're 'full punch' anyway. Here's my new .650 O.D. hub pictured beside a .650 SPEC hub showing the barrel length is the same, 'hub width' trimming gives you the same tire patch as a standard .770 width hub, but the overall length is .750...about .020 narrower than the normal width. You don't have to go through the rubber as on a 'full hub' which is easier & doesn't damage the rubber that MIGHT mess up the tire at high speeds. They're not really narrow...just narrower.
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