C12 Winning Car Set Up

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C12 Winning Car Set Up

Postby pawatson » Tue Sep 25, 2018 1:37 pm

Here's the car I raced last Saturday to win the 'Contender' race w/ 678 laps. It has a Koford 6-mag set-up I got from Gary a few years ago w/ Koford .488 diam 38 degree timing arm. I ran it the whole race & the comm is way below what most guys would race.
The Red Fox ribbed body is one I took out of the counter. I dimpled it in the front only w/4 X 4 X 7.5 air control cut to 128.5 X 29mm. It has scribed dams & tapered spoiler. The car was geared 11/42 w/ a triflat axle assembly I made.
The chassis is an Al Chuck C12 that he built at 3.850. The weight is wrapped on the center rail behind the guide holder. It teched in at 38.6 grams race ready. It's a great handling car w/steel rear end that take's off great & had a GUGU Adv Graphite guide w/ GUGU braid.
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