Racing from "Hog Heaven Raceway"(formally known as....

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Racing from "Hog Heaven Raceway"(formally known as....

Postby pawatson » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:38 pm

TSRA Race #5 was pretty doggone good!!! We didn't have a great turn-out but the G15 continues to get better & better!!! We messed around for awhile until our host David Key got his car ready as he hadn't intended to race but w/o him there wouldn't have been a race. While it was a gully washer outside-or frog strangler- if you prefer, it was pleasantly cool inside & Kurt Geissler edged out David Key for the nail biting win! In the hillbilly race, Shelby won the race w/ an impressive 602 laps. w/ old timer Keith Jarvis back from a long layoff & an impressive 2nd place finish. In the C-12 race, the big boys came to compete!!! Even Archie King took a stab at it & was very fast running a motor Mike Matero loaned him. Shelby stunned the qualifying session by turning a 1.88 on race power!!! In fact a couple of guys were under 1.9 in qualifying- on race power too!!! The race was a dandy w/ Shelby pretty much leading all the way but I pushed him pretty hard. He won the race & I don't have the sheets or I'd show it all. The track was much better in the lead-on than last race for me but you need a smooth,fast car to keep clean. If not ,trouble will follow. Although it would have been nice if more people had come ,we all agreed it was a good race & lotsa fun. What more do you want?
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