2019 TSRA RACE #1...here on Feb. 8th & 9th

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2019 TSRA RACE #1...here on Feb. 8th & 9th

Postby pawatson » Fri Feb 01, 2019 5:24 pm

Scott Taylor made the flyer awhile back & I just vegged out on posting it. GP."F" returns to the Texas Series after a few years on Friday evening. Saturday has 4 wing classes to try & get everything wrapped up not too late. I know it's not all the classes everyone would like to be racing w/o the 27L class & maybe we'll add it next year again if racing grows...who knows? I hope so but Saturday is a long day as it is & the Hillbilly Box class has a good following & more economical & a good chance to grow even better. I plan on inc. 27L races in the Nats Warm-up race that's not a TSRA Series race also.
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