Capital City Slot Car Raceway in Pfluegerville

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Capital City Slot Car Raceway in Pfluegerville

Postby pawatson » Tue Apr 02, 2019 12:27 pm

We took the trip from Wimberley yesterday after eating at the Salt Lick in Drirtwood to North Austin taking in the Bluebonnets & Indian Paint Brushes galore & the trip was WELL WORTH IT!!! The 155' Kingleman track has a beautiful surface,w/ perfectly routed,wide braid...ALL BRAND NEW!!! I hadn't seen a Kingleman w/ this much banking before & the Deadman may be 'full punch'!!! It should be a blast to race Scale Cars & Wing Cars too. He has the Lapmaster System on it so no adjustment for the drivers. I LIKE IT..I think you will too!!! I didn't take pictures of the track as it's pretty much like the ones on Facebook. I did take a couple pictures at the Salt Lick..good BBQ!!! My cousins husband is coming out of the place...his name is Ronny...I don't know who Bob is.
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