Tire Conditioners

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Tire Conditioners

Postby pawatson » Fri Jan 31, 2020 12:34 pm

As racing ramps up here @ Slot Car Raceway, it comes up "How can I get my car around the track FASTER"? Besides the obvious stuff like 'put on some new tires','you should practice', & 'try more than one car', I have liquids that will clean "FISH" rubber,Wonder Rubber, & some do both. Some clean & that adds a little more traction w/o hurting straight away speed. Some make the tires 'sticky' like tire glue that's usually is a poor solution. However, some can add only slightly more traction which is a good nice compromise especially in 'loose' track conditions. Trinity Tire Tweak works well. It adds traction (it's not really odor free as the label says but it smells good) but not so much as the car is bogged down on take-off. I repackaged some into smaller bottles which is worth giving a try. I use a variety of stuff in Scale Racing as well as my Rent Cars. Some liquids like Wintergreen Oil are no good for putting back into a Polystyrene Tire Bottle as it causes them to melt into the bottle!!!
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