HARDBODY NASCAR 2pm on the Hillclimb Sunday,2/9/20

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HARDBODY NASCAR 2pm on the Hillclimb Sunday,2/9/20

Postby pawatson » Mon Feb 10, 2020 7:17 pm

Jason & Lee both stepped up Sunday afternoon for some tough Hillclimb competition in the difficult drivers class. The Crash & Burn Format can be tough if you have trouble remembering that there's no such thing as 'MAKING UP LAPS'!!! ONCE THEY'RE GONE THEY'RE GONE. DRIVING FASTER THAN YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD LEADS TO MORE WRECKS. Then along came DAVE!!! By his own admission,the last Slot Car Race he'd won was an HO RACE in 1972!!! THING ABOUT THAT!!! How many guys keep racing w/ 42 years between wins??? LOT'S OF GUYS TALK ABOUT RACING...FEW ACTUALLY KEEP GOING FOR YEARS AT A TIME!!! And,it was a good race too!!! We had 5 racers today & qualifying was just so-so. The race however was pretty exciting!!!John Hacker won Heat #1,kept the lead through Heat #2, & John Deitrich took the lead in the Heat #3. After that, Dave took the lead & held it all the way to the win!!! GREAT JOB DAVE PRATT!!!
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